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What Makes Sector 7 Kitchen + Bar Stand Out

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About Sector 7 Kitchen + Bar

Established in 2022, we are a new restaurant and bar located on No. 5 Road Richmond. Sector 7 Kitchen + Bar is the new face of the old well-known Kingswood pub, which has served Richmond, BC clientele for over forty years.

As a relatively new venture, we are rapidly growing and gaining a reputation for excellent service, great food, and reasonable pricing. We are also constantly innovating to bring new flavors and fabulous tastes to well-known food items like wings and burgers.

The Sector 7 Kitchen + Bar Difference

At Sector 7 Kitchen + Bar, one aspect that makes us second to none is our collaboration with local farmers. Most of our produce comes from local farms, and we focus on quality ingredients as we believe that equals tasty, healthy food.

What sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is our service and the attention we give to ensure a beyond-pleasant dining experience. We make all our sauces in-house from locally sourced ingredients, and we pay close attention to detail when it comes to food or drinks.

One of our most significant achievements has been our already blossoming reputation for quality food and service.

Our dream for the future is to keep providing mouth-watering dishes with locally sourced ingredients and flavors inspired by cuisine from different parts of the world.

While we are passionate about what we do, we also care about protecting the environment. We strive to minimize waste and use biodegradable packaging for all our takeouts. We also believe in giving back to society and doing our part wherever possible.

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To learn more about what we do at Sector 7 Kitchen + Bar, please click here. To get in touch with us, please click here or call us at (604) 370-9494.

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